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FAQs about our Top-rated POS systems for pubs and cafes

Why should I use a POS system?

Having a point of sale system ensures the smooth operation of your restaurant. In addition, a POS system offers excellent returns on investments and can help your business grow.

A restaurant point of sale system streamlines transactions. In addition, it enables restaurant owners and managers to manage inventory, billing operations and improve customer service. A restaurant management system can also help you manage multiple outlets, protect your business from fraud, and provide real-time reports.

Can it be linked to accounting software?

Our POS software integrates with accounting software, eliminating the need for tedious manual POS data entry. This type of software integrations for POS systems for restaurants in Australia will eliminate accounting errors.

What happens when the servers are down?

Our POS software supports offline mode during Internet downtime. The data from the offline transactions will be uploaded to the server once a connection is re-established. The offline mode supports report creation and marketing data. 

How much will it cost to install POS software?

The cost is determined by several factors, including the number of software and hardware users and the complexity of the POS system. Some of the best restaurant POS software in Australia come with a free cash drawer and an extended warranty.  

Can I use a mobile device to operate the POS?

You can synchronize your POS system with multiple devices depending on your preference, including smartphones, iPad, and android tablets. This allows you to get your customers’ orders or issue bills. 

Does the POS support the tablet menus?

Some of the Best Australian point of sale software support tablet menus on iPad or Android. Your customers can order from the tablet menu.

Is it easy to manage the POS?

Yes. The software is user-friendly and designed for restaurants. It will give you a quick start with excellent performance. This app enables you to manage your data, issue bills, and manage your staff. 

Do you offer after-sales services?

We respond to emergencies 24 hours a week. For queries, reach out to us during our working hours. 

Can I use my existing equipment?

Yes. You can use all your current hardware, including printers and computers. For details on hardware compatibility, please contact us for the best POS for retail outlets.

Can I use my current mobile device?

You may use your phone if it has a supported operating system and memory for the POS installation. 

How do I make payments?

You can pay via the bank, PayPal, or online credit. 

Am I obliged to sign a long-term contract?

 No. Our contacts are flexible. You can choose to go with the short-term or long-term contract.  

What are the pricing models?

You can renew your license every other month or pay yearly.  

Do you have manual or online instructions?

You can use links on our website to view instructions videos. 

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