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Owning a restaurant is an extraordinary business opportunity that will allow you great profitability and satisfaction. However, for you to succeed it is essential that you have extraordinary management of all the vital aspects of the business. The best alternative to manage your restaurant like a pro is to have the best Australian point of sale software.

You will find a variety of top-rated POS systems for pubs and cafes & restaurants. However, none beats Exceed POS from H&L. It is essential that you know the incredible functions that our top-of-the-line solution offers you, so that you know why it is the leading restaurant management software.

Get to Know the Finest Functions of Exceed POS from H&L

  • Menu: as the best restaurant POS software in Australia, our solution includes the best platform to configure your menu. You will be able to add, categorize, modify and delete the different dishes that make up your offer quickly and easily. Exceed’s 360° integration allows changes to be reflected in all platforms and subsystems that have access to the menu immediately.
  • Floor Plan: you can recreate your venue’s table layout in our software, giving you full control. This will allow you to correctly assign dishes to the correct table on the screen, avoiding confusion and maintaining customer satisfaction levels.
  • Training Mode: this feature of our prime POS systems for restaurants in Australia allows you to train your staff without putting your daily operation at risk. In the training mode, you can recreate a variety of scenarios for your employees to gain speed and skill.
  • Printer Connection: You don’t have to change your regular printer when implementing Exceed from H&L. Our software links to any commercial printer in Australia’s sales systems, allowing you to issue invoices with a minimum of setup.
  • Sales Screen: In our intuitive, easy-to-use platform, you can organize the different dishes your restaurant serves by category. You can even add images, which will avoid confusion, order delays, and losses due to human error.
  • Full Connection: Exceed is one of the few top-notch restaurant management software that allows full integration of all stages of the business. Now you will enjoy an integrated operation between your POS system, kitchen display monitors, delivery & pickup, online bookings, and the order at table stations.
  • Inventory Management: Exceed gives you total control of your business inventories. You can easily manage different aspects of your inventory, including stock takes available portions, and stock batches.
  • Full Integration: there are few best POS for retail outlets & restaurants that have such a wide level of integration with other platforms and apps as Exceed does. Enhance your client’s user experience by integrating your Exceed with the most popular solutions, including Accounts Flow, Hungry Hungry, Me&u, Ivvy, CMSHospitality, Order Up!, InnQuest, and PayPal, among others.

Boost Your Restaurant with the Greatest POS System!

It’s time to boost your restaurant business with an elite operations management solution, and the ideal choice is H&L’s Exceed. We developed the perfect tool exclusively for foodservice, hospitality, and entertainment businesses. Let us help you reach the top. Contact H&L POS to learn more about our cutting-edge products and integrations, request your demo, or shop on our online store now.