Allow your customers to easily place orders and make payments from their phone at your venue or online from your website for pick-up and delivery.

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hl menu displayed on mobile and desktop
Customize your floor plan


An intuitive reservation technology coordinating all bookings and maximising your capacity during your busiest times.

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Customize your floor plan

Order Display Monitor

ODM gives the operator complete control over the entire order queue. Designed to improve accuracy, optimise efficiency and help your venue deliver to your customers every time

Mix and Match

Accommodate for promotions where customers can mix and match items for a discount or set price. It can also be segmented to members or clubs or triggered by a time switch.

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Package meal deals

Venues can create packages such as meal deals that allow a group of items to be sold for a set price at the POS. Operators can also elect to substitute items in and out of the package on the fly depending on the setup of the promotion.

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Member offers

Create offers or promotions that generate barcoded vouchers when purchase criteria is met for issuing rewards and redemption. Choose when and where the vouchers can be issued and redeemed, how many vouchers per promotion, member promotions, batch offers for advertising in publications.

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