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In businesses oriented to customer service, it is vital to manage workflow efficiently, so clients receive a positive experience. Having well-trained staff is the first step, but it is difficult for anyone to handle every request accurately.

To smooth administration, many software has included numerous tools to organize every operation in a business, but they tend to be hard to use. That’s why at H&L POS we have developed the best Australian point of sale for clear communication between upper management, staff, and clients. 

The software will smooth customer service as it helps the staff to manage the queue with the display monitor, indicating time, quantity, and detailed requests. If indicated, it will automatically include promotions offered by restaurants and cafes, including packaged meals, and even analyze criteria for batch offers and promotions for regular customers and your establishment’s reward program, making changes to the final bill an automated process.  These inclusions make it a solid choice for a POS system for restaurants in Australia.

The included software in the display will also automatically manage inventory, as it will display available portions and report whenever a meal is unavailable. Its easy interface will allow keeping a perfect record of every customer’s orders, and its integration with popular booking apps and e-wallets, such as Mr. Yum, Hungry Hungry, Tyro, and PayPal, will make the experience seamless for payment as well, making management so seamless it has become the top-rated POS system for pubs and cafes.

However, it isn’t only the best restaurant POS software in Australia and the best POS for retail outlets. It makes it easy to manage inventory as it goes out of stock or packages of merchandise are delivered, with classifications such as quantity, weight, and even temperature. Of course, it will keep the count of available portions as it will account for every product sold.

To ensure steady workflow, our POS will also keep the books organized for upper management, as it will keep the wage count of your staff in real-time. It calculates the cost of payment for the current team and keeps a record of penalty warnings for each member. It will also report attendance the second the employee registers, counting work hours, and manage wage reporting, alerting human error in accounting.

The software can be used to forecast revenue when needed by accounting for exchanges and current sales. This tool will make it easy for management to hire accordingly whenever sales go up or down. 

Of course, it facilitates communication between crew members and upper administration with integrated messaging or emails, so messages passed through will not get lost in between shifts.

Integration is a huge advantage over our competition. Our software is synced with the most popular payroll packages to ease the work of administration and avoid human error and late payment, with apps like Sage 3000, Myob, Xero, among others.

If you need to smooth your workflow or help staff by integrating the best software with the best displays for customer service, contact H&L POS to learn more about our cutting edge products and integrations, or shop our online store now:

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Point Of Sale Software